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Bosler Engineering Technology

Bosler India in collaboration with FRAB Industrial Germany is a leading provider for industrial tools & cleaning automation. With it’s workshop and assembly facilities in Mumbai & Bangalore we are well positioned to cater the demand from all India. Our supportive and customer friendly staff coupled with fast logistic network will help us provide our product in fast and efficient way.

Bosler follows a unique and gold standard policy when it comes to launching any product to our target customer. This policy includes doing internal audits and through vetting of the factories which produce the desire raw material or finished goods we intent to import or manufacture. This vetting process usually take 2-3 months after that we do a target sampling process , in which top industry users are provide with samples for 3-4 weeks and a 6- point feedback is taken which includs product performance on the basis of :

  • Ease of use
  • Helpful in solving the exact need of the customer
  • Long term repeatability and consistence result
  • Ease of storage and handling
  • Safe for long term usage
  • Competitive price

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